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How can technology help?

Technology can help! It’s time to try something new-something than can help your students and return better results in advancing their skills. Our EduPlayCloud platform empower you as teacher to:

  • Create customized assessments based on your language and on your school curriculum.
  • Deliver in a fun and engaging way by letting students play games.
  • Analyze the weaknesses corresponding to skills defined in your school curriculum and do proper corrective action

EduPlayCloud will help through the following:

  • Assess your student in an easy and fun engaging way
  • Get automatic grading and dashboard of your class
  • Analyze easily weaknesses
  • Choose questions for your assignments from a huge public library shared by teachers all over the world
  • Create your own questions related to your school and country curriculum and save your work to your own private library
  • Stop doing the same effort every year for preparing assignments and test.
  • Results are automatically communicated to parents. They have access to the same dashboards and get notifications about their children activities
  • Get recognized by your peers.

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