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Our Value Proposition

For Teachers

Are you struggling in getting your students engaged?

Are you spending a lot of effort preparing your assignments and grading them?

Do you want a better way to know the progress of your students in acquiring what you teach them?

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For Students

Are you feeling bored of doing assignments?

Do you want to play your homework?

Do you want your work to be recognized by your peers?

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For Parents

Are you struggling in having your children focus on their assignments?

Do your children spend a lot of time playing online games?

Do you want a better way to know the strength and weakness of your children in their studies?

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How EduPlayCloud Works

We are focused towards empowering teachers and helping learners. Starting from your signing up with EduPlayCloud to exploring/learning different class materials, we will make things easier and funnier for you. Here is a step-by-step guide to how EduPlayCloud works.

  • Join | Login 01

    Create an account with EduPlayCloud using your personal e-mail, Gmail or Facebook account and choose your role.

  • Explore Disciplines & Learning Resources 02

    Discover available resources published by the whole community in several disciplines.

  • Create Your Own Content03

    Create personalized learning contents, and manage them in your private library. Publish to your peers.

  • Deliver Your Content04

    Deliver your content in an engaging way through games. Let your kids play their assignments.

  • Analyze & Monitor Progress05

    Analyze the strength and weakness of your students and monitor the progress of your kids.

  • Invite, share & Earn Points06

    Encourage your friends/peers to join EduPlayCloud. Get rewarded by creating and sharing your work.


Why You Need EduPlayCloud

Learning through playing is the best method of engaging students.

Mastery Progress

EduplayCloud allows monitoring the progress of every learner. Dashboard and reports will give stakeholders a detailed understanding on weaknesses and strength of the learner

Avoid Rework

Create your own Exercise Sets. Save them in your private library. your bank of resources will grow over time. Use it to generate assignments, tests and exams

Useful Gaming Activity

Parents can stop worrying about their children spending hours on unuseful games. Customize educational content of your children games and let them play.

Choose Your Own Curriculum

EduPlayCloud empowers teachers all over the world to create customized content related to the curriculum that they teach in their schools with their language.


Did You Know

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

- Albert Einstein